Olympian heroes inspiring more people to try sports

Sports clubs are hoping to see a boost after a successful Rio Olympics.
With only a few events left in the games, Team GB have scooped 66 medals – including 27 gold – the best haul since the 1908 games in London.
Award-winning community organisation Sport in Desford saw a lot of new interest after the London games in 2012 and co-founder Jim Houghton said he was expecting a similar affect now that the games in South America are over.
He said: “I think we certainly expect to see more people want to take part in sports.
“It’s been very exciting to watch the Olympics this year with Great Britain doing so well. I stayed up late into the night to watch Andy Murray’s big match.
“Here we do everything from football, squash, and tennis to dance and I should think many people who have been watching the Olympics will now be interested out in trying out things for themselves.
“We certainly saw a big increase in 2012 after the London games.
“And we try hard to make things as affordable and accessible for as wide a range of people as is possible.”