Following our Energy Audit back in 2008, SiD was able to raise a grant of £5,000 in 2015 from the Leicestershire County Council Community Climate Change Fund to upgrade to LED lighting. On the back of this grant we were able to raise a grant of £9,320 from Awards for All for the same purpose. As a result we were able to instruct a company called LiteLite to replace existing lights in the following  (well used) areas:
Scout Hall, Function Room, Sports Bar Dance Studio, Gym, both the squash courts, corridors, downstairs toilets and the external security lighting.

These fittings all carry a 5 year warranty so they will all make a significant reduction in maintenance costs. Additionally they look more attractive and give a better quality of light. More importantly they will make a substantial reduction in our electricity consumption, throughout the building.

In 2015, prior to the LED installation, our solar panels generated 91% of our consumption of electricity

In 2017 our solar panels generated 110% of our much reduced consumption (25% less) due to the LED lighting!