Desford FC named Charter Standard Community club of the year 2016

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Peckleton Lane Pitch


This is SiD’s main pitch located on the main site at Peckleton Lane. The resident club at Peckleton Lane is Desford Football Club with 4 teams playing on this pitch.





Teams for 2016/2017:

Desford FC First team: Manager Craig Brown tel –07800 641 550: Saturdays pm

Desford FC Reserves: Manager Craig Mcadam 07852 281 571: Saturdays pm

Desford FC Womens Team: Manager Bill Almen 07775 841 376 Sundays pm

Desford FC Under 18s Floodlit Youth: Manager Hilroy Benjamin 07950 937 637


Bosworth Academy top field

This is a completely separate provision in the village but now provides an excellent facility for the Desford FC junior teams that have developed from 3 to 17 teams over the past 6 years, thus expanding way beyond anything SiD could provide. The Academy have now allocated this field for junior football and have permitted DFC to set up their own Portacabin to store equipment and provide their own facilities.

Desford FC Juniors (17 teams): Manager Rob Portch: 01455 824 754


Kirkby Road Pitches

The Changing Rooms at Kirby Road offer full changing facilities for 4 teams with excellent hot showers. They provide facilities for the 2 full size pitches on the adjacent recreation ground, which are some of the best draining pitches in the County. Any team managers wishing to apply for short term or full season bookings should contact Jim Houghton on 07967 353 790


Teams for 2016/2017:

Large pitch

Desford Athletic FC: Manager:Jack Spence 07540 955 020: Sundays am

Desford Cobras FC: Manager: Liam Harvey: 07903 878 487: Sundays am

Forest East FC: Manager  Adam Perkins – Saturdays pm

Small pitch:

In use as an emergency pitch allocated to Leicestershire County FA: contact Shaun Waite

Local contact Jim Houghton on or 07967 353 790




Forthcoming Events

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