How do I join SiD and how much does it cost?

It is best to join through one of the sports clubs, so choose the activity/sport you would like to join under the “Activities” tab and use the contact details given at the bottom of that page to get in touch. Membership of any of the clubs includes a £16 membership to SiD (juniors £8) to pay for the running of the central services. If you later join a second club you don’t need to pay the £16 SiD membership a second time.

Is the bar open every night?

Unfortunately not so. As we are largely volunteer run the bar opens when there is an activity that demands it. Thursday evening 8.30pm onwards is the one regular opening of the bar downstairs in the sports bar. Do come and join us then.

Do I have to be a competent player to join any of the clubs?

All the clubs are keen to take complete novices of whatever age or ability. The ethos of SiD is all about participating whatever your competence. You will find we have a whole team of coaches ready to help if you want to improve, but you can still play just for fun. All the clubs do get involved in playing matches in local leagues for those that want to do so, but this is not a requirement of membership.

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