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Nordic walking is an outdoor walking technique using specially designed poles. For a general exerciser, Nordic Walking burns on average 20% more calories than normal walking at the same speed. Most people find the Nordic walking technique more comfortable than general fitness walking, making exercise walking less effort.

Facts about Nordic Walking

Exercises your whole body.
Increases calorie burn and energy consumption.
Reduces the load on knees and other joints.
Strengthens spine and can reduce back pain.
Reduces pain and muscular tension in neck and shoulders.
Strengthens the bones of lower and upper body.
Easy to learn, fun and social.

Introductory sessions at Sport in Desford by arrangement.
Social Walking Group meets Monday evenings 7pm, at various venues all year round.


Paula Buck INWA Qualified Instructor UK0469 email: nordicwalks@btinternet.com tel. 07761 053231 www.nordicwalking.co.uk


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